Our Cuisine

Traditional Greek Cuisine

A piece of Family advice from father Martinis to son: “Feed your guests whatever you feed your children!”…. and that’s exactly what we do!

We daily prepare our dishes, with lots of care and love for traditional Greek food. Our ingredients are always fresh and of the highest quality, while we cook using Greek virgin olive oil. We aim at providing authentic homemade tastes, combining top quality with the best, affordable prices. Our cuisine is rich and sweet-smelling, filled with nostalgia. Food tells the story of our origin. We uphold traditions. Our dishes bring back memories of food from our childhood, as mother used to cook it for the Sunday Family Lunch from the heart, with great care! We are characterised by our love for pure, quality Greek food, but also for people from all walks of life, nationality and race! All these years, the pleasure depicted on our customers’ faces is our greatest reward and proof that we are doing our job, in the best possible way.

Our People

Thanks to our people, we are who and what we are today. They take top quality ingredients and work their magic, with their knowledge and experience, transforming simple ingredients into delicious, tasteful delights. Our high standard customer service will never let you down, offering you complete satisfaction. We are members of the same family, one team working in collaboration towards the best possible outcome.