Our Restaurant Setting

Our goal was to create an authentic restaurant, generating emotions and memories of traditional smells and flavours.
When renovating our space, we had in mind a relaxed, pleasant, convivial atmosphere for our guests to have a great time, just like people used to have, in the beautiful, picturesque corners of Athens past.
We have maintained the traditional elements of the historic building, rendering it simple, unsophisticated, yet elegant.
The original floor of the main hall is unique and we went to great lengths to very carefully uncover it, so that it carries its old, discreetly aristocratic glamour. We also added those new elements which bring it out, improving on tradition.

Ministry of Culture officials stressed:

“The Martinis Family investment has not only been an aesthetic intervention to an entirely deteriorated area, but a social one, as well!”

The project concerning our new identity, as well as the creation and design of our restaurant and garden were inspired, designed and undertaken by Lian Vermeer, Image Developer & Design Consultant..