Our History

Our story goes back, approximately 46 years ago, in the erstwhile Athenian Patisia district, which was, at the time, full of “Paradisiacal” gardens-due to plenty of water from the streams running down the Ymittos mountain- with birdsongs and the happy voices of people next door. The name ‘Patisia’ may be a corruption of the word Paradisia (heavenly), from the time when the Turks came to Athens, as they could not pronounce it.

The MARTINIS Restaurant is closely linked to the history of Patisia and has been, ever since 1888. The building– which houses the restaurant to date- is situated on the corner of Patision and Iakovaton streets, adjacent to the historic Church of Saint Lucas. It was built in 1888 by the Skotida family. Around 1908, it functioned as the countryside “Skotida Garden” Café, frequented by the city’s political personas.
In 1969, the Martinis Brothers created their Grill House, next to the “Select” cinema. Eight years later, they rented the “Skotida Café” from their owners and turned it into a restaurant.

Since 1969 to the present day, more than 45 years have passed by. Yet, the Martinis Family Restaurant continues to be a pioneer in the restaurant industry, offering traditional Greek and Mediterranean food, including a delivery service, which has recently been added.

Seeking to bring a breath of fresh air into our restaurant, with new ideas in the foodservice industry, we have changed much, always aiming at satisfying our guests. However, we have kept all that comprises our undeviating values.
We have acquired permanent customers, whom we know on a first name basis. The MARTINIS Restaurant, a point of reference in Patisia, has become well-known from person to person, mouth to mouth.

Our dishes remain traditional and very delicious. Behind our simple, everyday tastes, lies an entire world! The world of the Martinis family and their people, who have now gained “devoted followers” and happy, satisfied friends.